With Great Packaging Comes

Since 1993, our goal has been to create innovative solutions so that our customers can have high-quality packaging they can trust. But we want to give you more, which is why we’ve tacked on a new goal: to make 100% of our products include up to 100% of recycled, recyclable materials by 2025.



Lacerta’s Four Sustainability Pillars

At Lacerta, we’re committed to weaving sustainability into every aspect of our business. That’s why we’ve created this four-point sustainability promise.


Innovation touches every part of our manufacturing process. Our investment in specialized decontamination units enables recycling of plastic that in the past was often discarded. Using state of the art recycling technology helps reduce costs making the use of recycled plastic competitive with virgin resins.

20 to 50% of plastic in production becomes trim scrap, which means it's cut from the product. We recycle all of that scrap for future reuse, while our closed-loop water system keeps our water waste way down.

Using recycled materials helps us conserve energy. Processing Post Consumer Regrind (PCR) requires 79% less energy and produces 67% less emissions compared to virgin PET.

Where you get your recycled plastic matters. We work with sourcing partners in the U.S. and around the world to reduce plastic waste in local communities and in the environment.

We receive high-quality PCR flake from our sourcing partners

PCR flake is decontaminated using our innovative, in-house technology

That recycled flake is converted into sheets

We work with customers to create custom packaging

Consumers buy, use, and recycle packaging

The process starts again!

Our Products. Your Outsized Impact.

Lacerta’s use of post-consumer recycled material currently saves 324 million bottles from landfills, or over 5,173 tons of greenhouse gasses, every single year. That’s the equivalent of:


cars off the road


barrels of oil


homes for a year

Lacerta Helps Cedar’s Hit Its 50% PCR Milestone

Current Lacerta products made from 100% Post Consumer Plastic (PCR)

Container, Stand Up Wrap Tamper Evident (PCR)

Container, Square, 32 oz 6'' Bowl Tamper Evident Medium (PCR)

Container, Rectangular, 32 oz Tamper Evident (PCR)

Container, Rectangular, 48 oz Tamper Evident (PCR)

Container, Rectangular, 64 oz Tamper Evident (PCR)

Container, Rectangular, 120 oz Tamper Evident (PCR)

Life Cycle Assessment Tool

To help customers reach sustainability goals, Lacerta utilizes a life cycle assessment tool. The Trayak's Eco-Impact LCA tool uses globally accepted data to assess materials and products, including our PET and post-consumer (PCR) plastics. With LCA, we help our customers better understand the true environmental impact of their plastic packaging.


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